Jazz Foundation of Jackson Hole

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Our Supporters

We'd like to set aside this space to honor and thank those individuals who have supported us with financial contributions over the past year (2015). We could not keep our mission alive of spreading jazz music throughout Jackson Hole without your generous help. You truly are our biggest "Friends"!

Legacy Friends

Contributions of $1000 and above

Roy & Sandra Walters

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Sherman

Khumbu Fund

Band Leader Friends

Contributions of $500 - $999

Lee Robert

Rhythm Section Friends

Contributions of $200 - $499

Frank and Linda Kaunitz

Dave and Patsy Raaum

Greg and Bonnie Keckler

Horn Section Friends

Contributions of $100 - $199

Mark & Hillary Berry
Jason Wright

Mark & Vickie Memmer

Charles and Betty Terrill


Contributions up to $99

Alan and Sue Bybee
Susan Singleton
Kraig A. Kobert
Craig & Carol Schwender
Doug Vogel & Evie Lewis

Mary Bowker
Karen M. Jerger & Chuck Harris
Damon & Julie Wilson
Lisa Carpenter
Laura L. Huckin
Michael Hodes & Heather Mathews

Dan Bowen
Tim, Jean & Anna Day
David & Leslie Hill
Jack & Amy Robinson
Macey Mott

Become a Friend

The most effective time of year to donate to the Jazz Foundation of Jackson Hole is through the annual community fundraising event, Old Bill's Fun Run, which is graciously run by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole each year in September. Donating through Old Bill's enables your contribution to be strengthened by the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. "Old Bill" and other co-challengers in the Jackson Hole community.

However, of course we would appreciate your support at any time you'd like to give it! To become a "Friend" of the Jazz Foundation of Jackson Hole and have your name added to one of the contributor lists above, please consider using this link to contribute through PayPal.

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